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Rosa Freitas


ROSA FREITAS – Actress and singer


Actress since 1992. Graduated in Languages and post-graduated in CommunicationProcesses Management at ECA/USP.


Begin her career in theater with the play “JesusChrist Superstar”, performed in English, with direction of Kiko Perillo. Wrote theplay “Radio PRK-30 – a funny radiophonic adventure”, and won several awards in somenational festivals (best actress, play and direction).Worked with Hugo de Villavicenzio, Dario Uzam, Renato Cuenca and Maisa Aché. Studiedwith Catherine Marnas (Compagnie Dramatique Parnas), Mariana Muniz, Ivaldo Bertazzo,Paula Martins, Marcos Munrimbau and Paulinho Yutaka. Concerning music, made part ofshows and festivals as sole singer and backing vocal in with Marcos Munrimbau, NelsonAyres, Márcia Caldeira and Claudemiro Rocha.


Works as personal development area, asconsultant and instructor, based on dramatization resources. Also works as speaker andparticipates of TV commercials, institutional videos, short and feature-length films.Some of her works: PRK-30 Radio, direction of Renato Cuenca, My Old Coming Home,direction of Dario Uzam, The story of Peter Pan, Érica Bodstein and Valéria Marchi,The Orgy, direction of Hugo de Villavicenzio, The Bear, direction of Maisa Aché, The‘Magina’ of Imagination, direction of Wagner Veiga and Mockingpott, direction of Carlos Mastandréa.


Since 2010 has participating of SESC’s project Turism: Get onboard, by making scenic performances in workshops of acceptance for social turism, inseveral units belonging to the Commerce Social Service (local acronym SESC). In 2011and 2012, made part of performances like “The History of Coffee”, “The History ofBlack people in Brazil”, “Music and Sea – Brazilian Composers”, “CulturalOrigins”, “Woman – History of the Though Gender” and “The History of Love”, also in SESC units.


Since 2008 has been performing in some of Cia. Nova’s plays: Dr. Faustus Ligths the Light, Heiner Müller in Repertorie, Caminos Invisibles...La Partida, The Crypt of Poe and Krísis.

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