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MusicianComposer, electronic musician, multimedia performer, creator and producer ofmusical works for radio, video and cinema. Designer and manufacturer ofunusual musical instruments with several research based in digital audioarea. Composes for cinema, theater, experimetal vídeos and sound artinstallation, besides works on special projects such as 'Amazing Amazon'(1998/99), composition made from o com genectis algorithms or sistemas decomposição automática 'Música Pessoal' (1987) and 'Música Fractal' (1989).Made part of media events like 'PTYX ' (84) and 'O Médium das Mídias' (86).Made a live performance for the silent movie of 1929 “São Paulo, TheSymphony of the Metropolis” (1996-2005), as part of the evente Brésil /Brésis – The year of Brazil in France – Musée du Louvre Auditorium, Paris. In2000 and 2002, made researches on creation of contents in a high endcomputing environment by using CSound software, virtual actors, electronicmusic and live performance at “Leibniz An Electronic Opera”, inspired onlife and work of the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz – projectdeveloped along with the Prof. Dr. Ruggero Ruschioni and Grupo de MídiasEletrônicas, of Escola Politécnica of the University of Sao Paulo - MRL MediaResearch Lab of NYU - New York University and Itaú Cultural Institute. In2005 made the soundtrack for the plays “Dr. Caligari” and “Beckett inRepertorie III”, with direction of Lenerson Polonini. Since then, works onthe composition of music and producing soundtrack for Cia. Nova de Teatro’splays. Actually, conducts researches for the producing of the opera "Hialeah"with José Wagner Garcia on the Amazon theme and researches related tospectral harmony, Max/MSP, virtual instruments, sound installations, amongvarious other interests.In 2010 participated of “Sao Paulo Real Time” performing live music at SESCSantana with the projection of manipulated images broadcasted to 8 differentplaces in the city of Sao Paulo.

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