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LENERSON POLONINI - Artistic director




Graduated at the Estácio de Sá University (BA – Theater), started hisstudies in theater at the Drama School “O Tablado”, Rio de Janeiro, in1998-99. Attended the workshop of direction in the initial phase ofproduction of the play “Backlands: The Canudos Campaign” (’Os Sertões’,in portuguese), Euclides da Cunha, with direction of Zé Celso MartinezCorrêa and acting in “As Bacantes”. Also attended workshops with directorslike Bob Paton, Thedoros Terzopoulos, Isabela Ciwinska and the Hosho NohTheater of Japan.


Founded the Cia. Nova de Teatro and developed researcheson the work of Samuel Beckett and on the visual scene of the 20th century.Directed “Act without Words I and II” in 2001, “Beckett inRepertorie” with participation of the actor Paulo CésarPereio, “Berceuse”, French version of “Rockaby”, with Renée Gumiel in2002 and “Beckett in Repertorie 2” in 2003, “Beckett in Repertorie3” and “Ulysses” in 2005.


Developed the following projects as curatorand organizer: “Beckett em Processo”, “Free Access”, “Samuel Beckett -centenary” and “Lecture Series on Heiner Müller”, in partnership withSESC São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In 2007, directed the performance “Danteand Beatrice – A journey through hells of Sao Paulo”, in the event ViradaCultural Municipal, and directed Heiner Müller in Repertoire, which gatheredtogether three plays: Medeamarial, Hamletmaschine and Description of aPicture, performed at the SESC Pinheiros, São Paulo and Espaço SESC, inCopacabana, Rio de Janeiro.In 2008 directed the performance I, Machado de Assis with Peréio,which was part of the Virada Cultural Municipal’s programme.


In 2009 directed the multimedia plays: Doctor Faustus Lights theLight, Gertrude Stein, Heiner Müller in Repertoire – 80 years, at theGaleria Olido and "Listen, Little Man!", performed at the SESC Av. Paulista,in São Paulo, and at the OI FUTURO Cultural Centre, in Rio de Janeiro.


In 2011, coordinated the project Companhia Nova de Teatro – 10 yearspresenting plays of the repertoire performed at the Cacilda Becker Theater,in Sao Paulo, and also presenting two new works: “Caminos Invisibles...LaPartida”, at the CCSP, and “The Crypt of Poe”, performed at the CentroCultural São Paulo and at the Castelinho do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro.


In 2013, directed the play “KRÍSIS”, in Athens with collaboration of Theodoros Terzopoulos at Attis Theater and season at SESC BOM RETIRO, São Paulo.


Since 2010 acts as a facilitator in the project Segundo Turno Cultural of the Secretariat Municipal of Rio de Janeiro Cultural, teaching workshops for Theatre and Improvisation for childrens, teenagers and youth from public schools.

In 2015, directed the play A Cripta de Poe, with brazilian cast at Biblioteca Parque Centro, january - february. In the same year, showed the performance Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights de Getrude Stein, especially to open for the exhibition “Costume at Turn of the Century 1990-2015”, at Bakhushin State Central Theatre Museum, in Moscow.



In 2015/17, directed Foreman Trilogy Project (Bad Boy Nietzsche, Old- Fashioned Prostitutes and The Gods Are Pounding My Head), by Richard Foreman, with support Secretary of Culture of São Paulo State and SESC São Paulo.


Polonini was also responsible for directing the work in progress "Kassandra-Hécuba", presented by in Greece, Romania and São Paulo, at FarOFFa in 2020.


He is the Brazilian Cultural Ambassador of La MaMa de Nova York.


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