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The New Theater Company (Companhia Nova de Teatro)’s play, based on tragic fragments, presents the contemporary human being’s crisis.


After 12 years that the company was created, Brazilian group arrives at Athens and participates of the workshop given by Theodoros Terzopoulos and on 3 th  July, presents part of its new play “Krísis”, which will be debuted in Brazil on july 18th at SESC SP Bom Retiro.


The New Theater Company has been noticed in the cultural scene in São Paulo for the research made on authors as Samuel Beckett, Heiner Müller e for the performative theater it had been developing.

“Krísis”, a play based on myths and tragic fragments, will be shown as a first phase of creation at Athens. Having more than a decade of research and productions in Brazil, and having recently received an Awards in Milan, Italy, The New Theater Company will now experiment the Theodoros Terzopoulos’ method which will end as a pre-debut, of 30 minutes, at Attis Theater.


The performances of the group talk about problems very emergents of the contemporary world: specifics crisis of a determined time and universal crisis, the human misery and the global catastrophes.

The play has it scenic and dramaturgic conception  by Lenerson Polonini, stage director from Rio de Janeiro that has been working in São Paulo as well. With 33 years old, the founder of the New Theater Company has his work recognized for its stylized staging, visually strong staging, for making use of video as light fount and unconscious reverberation of the characters.


The group project was supported by the Culture Ministry (Ministério da Cultura), through Edital de Intercâmbio e Difusão Cultural.


Production Credits



Stage Direction and Lighting Design: Lenerson Polonini

Playwrights: Eduardo Brito e Carina Casuscelli

together with the New Theater Company

Cast: Carina Casuscelli, Rosa Freitas, Marcelo Jacob, Cléo Moraes and Milena Faria.

Costume Design e make-up: Carina Casuscelli.

Soundtrack: Wilson Sukorski.

Reasearch Colaboration: Milena Faria

Video scenaries : Alexandre Ferraz e Giuliano Conti .


Pictures: Henrique Oda

Idealization: Carina Casuscelli e Lenerson Polonini

Support: Ministério da Cultura, through Edital de Intercâmbio e Difusão Cultural


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