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Three of the brightest plays of the German playwright are gathered here, addressing the conflicts and concerns present in contemporary society. Heiner Müller incorporates techniques of theatre of cruelty of Artaud, abandons the dialectic of dialogue by poetic dialectic of the fragment and the image, accentuating the intertextual density and the deconstruction of the fable.


Medeamaterial condenses the tragedy of Euripides on some short dialogues and a lengthy mono-logue of Medea, whose keynote is the brainchild of treachery, betrayal: from Medea to his people and his blood (kills the brother and throws his pieces into the sea, allowing the escape of Jason; Jason (abandons his foreign wife, barbarian, the daughter of the King of Corinth); children (cry up-on hearing the screams of death of the stepmother, form which is embellished with the Bridal dress-es offered by Medea).

Hamletmaschine is structured in five scenes that mirror, next to the tragedy of Hamlet of our time: the catastrophes of history and of Western culture and the crisis of the artist and intellectual, split between the desire to turn into a machine without pain or thoughts and need to be a historian of this hopeless time.

Description of a picture was inspired in a picture of one of Sofia’ students, where imperfections hvae given way to criativity spaces and the image “was covered with words”, more abstract. The text presents a dramatic reunion of look and image. Thus, more than a autoreflexive text about thea-ter, Description of a picture is a reflection on the theatron, space of audience receiver, “contempla-tion place”.

Production credits

Playwright: Heiner Müller.
Stage direction and lighting: Lenerson Polonini
Cast: Rosa Freitas, Ricardo Gelli, Melany Kern and Josefa Pereira
Special participation in voice-over: Paulo César Pereio
Costume and Makeup: Carina Casuscelli.
Soundtrack: Wilson Sukorski.
Translation: Christine Röehrig and  Marcos Renaux.
Video scenary direction: Cristian Cancino.
Photos: Acauã Fonseca.
Moviment direction: Carolina Moreira.
Choreography colaboration: Josefa Pereira
Production: Lenerson Polonini and Carina Casuscelli

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