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Felipe Moraes - Sound Technician


Felipe Moraes a technician and sound operator, graduated from SP Escola de Teatro.

Graduated in Technique and Sound Design from SP Escola de Teatro, he studied Visual Arts in Londrina/PR and worked as a teacher of artistic expression, art and urban intervention for primary and secondary education. Felipe worked as a music producer, composer and sound operator in theater plays, such as: “Porno Teo Brasil” (2018), “Conectados, O Musical” (2019), “Barulho D'água” (2019/2020), “Somos so Young” (2019), “The True History of Sealing” (2018), among others.

He participated in several musical projects as producer, drummer, guitarist, DJ, bassist and composer, from punk to Brazilian psycho experimentalism. Currently, he develops soundtracks and sound designs for performances, creative spaces and shows in general.

Since 2019, Felipe has been a member of the technical team at Companhia Nova de Teatro, participating in the shows “Caminos Invisibles...La Partida”, “ The Crypt of Poe”, “Foreman Trilogy – Bad Boy Nietzsche”, "Old-Fashioned Prostitutes and “The Gods Are Pounding My Head”.

Recently she performed as a technician in the plays "Entrelaçados", "Noise in the Waters" and "A Scream in the Dark".

As a member of the group, she has followed the experiments and research carried out by the company, in addition to the workshops that are part of the collective's projects.


With the group, she made several national and international trips performing at various festivals, theaters and cultural centers.

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