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Play inspired inspired by thoughts of Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich

Freely inspired in the book Listen, little man, written by Wilhelm Reich, in which Paulo Cesar Peréio makes a of the ideas of Austrian psychiatrist by merging it to his own personality and establishing his name as one of the great performing actors of Brazil, in a perfect cultural symbiosis between author and actor between actor and author.
In this play, Peréio/Reich concede uma palestra nada ortodoxa e, no decorrer da conversação, é confrontado with his others ‘Selfs’ – the young male and femal “Self”. O discurso ganha outras vozes, criando, assim, uma atmosfera surrealista na concepção cênica e dramatúrgica proposta pelo diretor Lenerson Polonini.
The cast has the participation of the actor João Velho (Peréio’ son), who plays the role of the young version of Peréio/Reich, and also of the actress Neca Zarvos who play the female version of Peréio/Reich. The soundtrack is of the renowned avant-garde musician Wilson Sukorski and costumes of Carina Casuscelli.
The performance  includes the video projections of Lara Velho (Peréio’s daughter and director of his weekly at the Canal Brasil), Cristian Cancino and Zzui Ferreira, and deals with the convergence of languages: theater, video, electronic music and fashion. With these various possibilities, the play deals with the conflicts and the anguish in the search for meaning in the contemporary world, involving politics, sexuality and recurring themes in the history of mankind. In this way, the play intends to depict a panorama of Brazil in the last 50 years.
The use of video projections, pre-recorded material, voice-over, live cameras, performance and others technical artifacts, are intended to help the three actors.

Paulo Cesar Peréio 
He began his career acting in the film “The Rifles” (1964), Ruy Guerra. Since then he never stopped acting in movies. He also acted in theater being part of groups like Arena and Oficina, and had teachers like Eugênio Kusnet, to whom had contact with and acted in the play “ Enemies”, Máximo Gorki.
In films, Peréio is considered as a legend, has been acting in more than 70 films, with important film directors in Brazil such as como Ruy Guerra, Glauber Rocha, Walter Lima Jr, Paulo César Saraceni, Hector Babenco, Neville D´almeida, Arnaldo Jabor, among others.
Today, with more than 50 years of trajectory, Peréio continues working in theatre and film, participates in short films by young filmmakers and has one of the most requested voice by advertisers across the country. He is also the TV host of the talking show named “No frills”, at the Canal Brasil.

Wilhelm Reich
Austrian psychiatrist was a disciple of Freud and Psychoanalytic Society member. His revolutionary ideas have caused great controversy. Reich sought the understanding of human nature by means of sexual functions. He believed that sexual energy in their pent-up version, generates a kind of armor that makes the direct expression of spontaneity. In this way, this condition shall be neurotic symptoms, such as generating phobias, anxiety, depression, anxiety, and creative, sexual and affective incompetence.
Reich defied the revolutionary transformation of everyday policy as being the great instrument of struggle, believing that only from the moment in which people consciously assume the day-to-day responsibility and action in defense of its biological and natural, is that libertarian ideals can become reality.

Playwright: Paulo Cesar Peréio.
Direction, Lighting, Scenery and Playwright: Lenerson Polonini.
Cast: Paulo César Peréio, João Velho and Neca Zarvos
Costume and Makeup: Carina Casuscelli
Soundtrack: Wilson Sukorski
Video projections: Lara Velho, Cristian Cancino and Zzui Ferreira
Pictures: Acauã Fonseca
Scenery technician: Carlos Orelha
Graphic production for scenario: Victor Hugo and Zzui Ferreira
Sound operation: Verônica Castro.
Stage lighting designer: Isac de Souza
Production management: Cássia Luna Bianco
Production: Cia.Nova de Teatro
Executive Production: Lenerson Polonini and Lara Velho
Concept: Lara Velho, Lenerson Polonini and Paulo César Peréio

SESC SP Avenida Paulista, São Paulo
October, November and December, 2009
OI FUTURO Flamengo - Rio de Janeiro
January and Febuary, 2010

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