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About previous works of Companhia Nova de Teatro


"Allan Poe's Obscure World is materialized on stage" (Gabriela Mellão, Folha de São Paulo Newspaper.  December, 2011)


"…. A Cripta de Poe (The Crypt of Poe)  materializes imagination with technology" (Thiago Mariano - Diário do Grande ABC.  12/30/2011)


"...I believe as a spectator I witnessed a single moment, an encounter of an aesthetic research that has been going for almost ten years, undertaken by Lenerson Polonini ahead of Cia Nova de Teatro, having run stage productions of Beckett, Joyce, Heiner Muller backed by the theatricality of Meyerhold and Gordon Craig's uber-marionette, with a text that is in perfect harmony with this aesthetic... "(About Doctor Faustus Light the Lights – Francisco Taunay – Website Opinião e Noticia, 03/13/ 2009).


".... And what we can see is a rare chance to enjoy in this DOCTOR FAUSTUS LIGHT THE LIGTHS is the perfect fusion of multimedia scene...." Doctor Faustus, in this fiery multimedia interpretation by Cia. Nova de Teatro, comes to provoke the exegesis of intellectuals and experts. For us, it was an intelligent and well executed “buffa operetta” for youthful souls…” (By Afonso Gentil,  especially for Aplauso Brasil. April 2009).



".... The young director Lenerson Polonini has drawn the attention of audiences and critics when he started working ahead of Cia. Nova de Teatro. Polonini's peculiar views are evident as much in the drama as it is in his concepts as a director.... "( 'Heiner Müller in Repertoire "- Guilherme Conte . Estado de São Paulo  -06/30/2011).



".... the  actor Paulo Cesar Pereio, who brings to the staging the Anthropophagic tone of a carnivalized Brazilian environment. The performative image is incandescent. The text of Gertrude Stein is full of meanings, although it appears to be a game with the sounds of words, the writer affirmed she did not play with the sounds themselves, but the meanings of the words ... "(About Doctor Faustus Light the Lights - Juan Velásquez - Gazeta Mercantil,  04/ 30/2009).


 "….From the streets of São Paulo, at the Attis Theater, Brazilians speak about the Greek crisis.The director Lenerson Polonini and actors from Companhia Nova de Teatro show us impressions of recent events in Brazil, not only over the crisis in Greece and Brazil, but also on the global human misery. In this context, Cassandra becomes a youngster from the Brazilian slums…"(Printed Version AFP, 07/01/ 2013 - Ioannas Kleftogianni - ENET.GR Newspaper)



"…the Heiner Muller Circle, presented by Lenerson at Mostra de Artes - SESC SP in 2007, was one of the noble moments of the drama conferred at the event. I am sure that in this edition of the project at SESC Campinas, the public will have another chance to scale the richness of his work and the geniality expressed in his literary narrative. "(Danilo Santos de Miranda  - Regional Director of SESC SP). May, 2008. SESC  Campinas.




“…The cast, composed by the dancers/actors of Companhia Nova de Teatro reveals what Heiner Müller sees in the Tanztheater of Pina Bausch. The support from the expressive body gives a new dimension to the Sprechmaschine of Müller through the extended gesture and the space occupied by movement…”.


“….In the mise em scène of Medeamaterial (1982), Hamletmaschine (1977) and  Description of Image  (1984), Lenerson Pollonini, who signs the direction of the staging on show at SESC – Pinheiros, outsets in the concept of material. The text abandons the supremacy of traditional theatre, offering itself as the poetic dialectic of the fragment…” (About Heiner Muller em Repertório - Ingrid Koudela, Universidade de São Paulo. Março de 2008)



"…In Heiner Müller in Repertoire,  the  Companhia Nova de Teatro, comprises - from fragments of work of one of the greatest playwrights of the twentieth century - an ingenious kaleidoscope of human failure. To affirm that the show is multimedia, that various technologies shake the environment, is not enough, because the high point of the staging occurs when the body, alone and silent, dominates the scene. When the work of  Heiner Müller (1929-1995) reverberates beyond the spoken word. In fact, the word and the image appear on the show as a great machine that could stun everyone and everything…” (Mais Cultura Magazine by Rudinei Borges, July 2011).




“…The international jury formed by some of the most important theatre directors in the world, such as Eugenio Barba, Lev Dodin, Frédéric Flammand, Jonathan Mills, Lluís Pasqual and Luca Ronconi, led by Livia Pomodoro as the President .... after seeing a lot of plays from all over the world, has decided that the winner of the 4th edition of Teresa Pomodoro’s Award for theatre on social themes is Caminos Invisibles… La Partida, Companhia Nova de Teatro (Brazil)…. What most convinced the juries is the vitality that spread out from the Companhia Nova the Teatro’s play, although it tells us about the new migration currents inside the developing country and accuses the exploitation of poor workers coming from the faraway in the Andes Mountains. In other words: South America convinced the jury as for its new vivacity in spite of the declining Old Europe. Actors and musicians from the Nova Companhia Teatro have been invited to perform in Milano the 16th of November, a great audience is expected for them…” (International Teresa Pomodoro’s Award – 2014).







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