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Caminos Invisibles... La Partida

Immigration, fashion and sustainability are some of the matters of this play directed and performed by the multi-artist Carina Casuscelli.

The problem of large urban areas, with focus on irregular migrants versus slave labor and subhuman conditions remain consistent as output of survival and artifice of the fashion industry.

The play portraits the story of South American immigrants, especially the Andean Peoples, who leave their countries in search of better living conditions and come to the great urban areas. This merges the situations of illegality with the struggle for survival. Ironically, the fashion market that mobilizes social problems satirizes the mass market meanwhile is driven by slave labor of immigrants.

According to Lenerson Polonini, artistic director of the New Theatre Company, Caminos Invisibles is configured as an effort to break with social stereotypes, revealing the richness and the beauty of a culture of 15,000 years. At the same time, the play marks a new moment in the work of research, investing in a playwriting, deconstructing some style present in earlier work, without giving up the performance aspect, one of the main features of the New Theatre Company.
In a contemporary vision and emerging immigratory processes, “Caminos Invisibles ... La Partida”, merges Andean folk music, song, dance, texts in Quechua and Aymara, documental theatre and videos.

The meeting of roots, ancestries and identities are faced with the daily life of the metropolis in surreal, arid tragicomic scenes, most of the times.
Faith, strength, perseverance and all the wealth of the Andean culture comes to the fore, merging with the urban scene of greater São Paulo in the form of shamanic ritual.
The typical outfit rich in detail is one of the highlights of the play and is part of the Director’s research work on Andean culture in Brazil in more than five years.


Production credits
“Caminos Invisibles... La Partida”
Direction and playwright: Carina Casuscelli
Artistic Direction and lighting: Lenerson Polonini
Actors / Performers: Carina Casuscelli, Cléo Moraes, Rosa Freitas, Ricardo Gelli, Juan Cusicanki, Camila dos Anjos, Hugo Villavicenzo.
Andean Cast:  , Michelle Keli, Chayña Mendoza, Carmelita Quispe, Peco Sisa Asurduy, Lis Duran, Elio Flores, Alvaro Javier, Aldo Conejo, Javier Aymara, Apolinar Cesar Chui, Freddy Wara and Oscar Raymy.
Special participation in video: Suzana Sarmiento
Costume: Carina Casuscelli
Video and audiovisual documentation: Cristian Cancino
Musical direction: Wilson Sukorski
Special Participation: indigenous group, “Jach'a Sicuris de Italaque” and the singer, Sueli Feliziani
Musical Collaboration: Grupo “Akhulli  Yungas”
Pictures: Acauã Fonseca and Henrique Oda.
Fashion communication: Isabela Keiko Uagaia
Dramaturgical Research Collaboration: Eduardo Brito
Scenery Technician: Carlos Orelha
Spatial design and production: Carina Casuscelli and Lenerson Polonini

- Iberian American Festival of Sao Paulo- March 2011
- Performance / lecture – 8th South America Festival – Corumba (MS) May 2011
- Centro Cultural São Paulo (SP) September /October 2011
- FLAAC- African and Latin American Festival of Culture and Art (Brasília - DF) September 2012
- Internacional ward Teresa Pomodoro/ November 2012, Milan- Italy.

- SESC Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - Season March 2013.

- SESC Bom Retiro, São Paulo - Season July/August 2013.

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