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Synopses: BAD BOY NIETZSCHE brings a Nietzsche in crisis, terrified by his phantoms and anguishes, with no discernible plot from the perspective of traditional drama. Author presents the subject's crisis, the artist's crisis and the loss of identity of a fragmented human being beneath philosophical lenses. A dreamlike, multifaceted view of Nietzsche, reflecting the current human condition in an increasingly senseless world. A child, a beautiful woman and a dangerous man inquire Nietzsche on a variety of subjects, in a philosophical, reiterative play at the edges of nonsense. The play had its worldwide premiere in January 2000, in New York. 


Richard Foreman:

Born in 1937, he is a pioneer playwriter in North-American vanguard, performative theater and the founder of Ontological-Hysteric Theater. Since the 70's, Foreman's productions refuse the idea of a conventional theater, specially regarding plot, characters, setting, language and movement. The "Total Theater" typical of Richard Foreman's work gathers elements from performing, visual and sound arts, philosophy, psychoanalysis and literature for a unique, remarkable outcome. Foreman's style doesn't intend to be "cerebral". The density of his compositional theater is an attempt to viscerally reflect and process all that he inherited from his exploration of the Twentieth century's arts and ideas. Richard Foreman's work is little known in Brazil, being divulged only in the Academy and related to post-dramatic, performative theater studies usually connected to theater and performing arts college courses and programs. His works are dialog-denying, using the minimum of words to favor images and incite the audience with alternative forms of perception. Instead of focusing on conflicts to model a theatrical structure, Foreman's work is based on design and live actor performance in order to create a different relationship focus between performers and the audience. The audience doesn't watch to characters, but receives flow streams, linkage networkings and systems, subject to suddenly being limelight-attacked to assume the lead acting. In the past 50 years, Foreman has written, directed and staged his own plays in New York as well as in other countries. He was granted the Annual Literature Award by the American Academy of Arts and Letters and many other recognitions, as the Lifetime Achievement in the Theater Award, by the National Endowment for the Arts; the Master American Dramatist Award, by the PEN American Center; and a MacArthur Fellowship. In 2004, he was elected the director of the Order of Arts and Letters of France. He wrote and directed plays as Zomboid! (2006), Wake Up Mr. Sleepy! Your Unconscious Mind Is Dead! (2007) and Deep Trance Behavior in Potatoland (2008). Foreman won seven Village Voice Obie Awards, including three for Best Play and one for Lifetime Achievement.


OLD-FASHIONED PROSTITUTES –Texts: Richard Foreman. Translation: Fábio Fonseca de Melo. Direction: Lenerson Polonini. Casting: Fransérgio Araújo, Carina Casuscelli, Rosa Freitas and Afonso Henrique Soares. Voice off & video invited actor: Paulo Cesar Peréio. Photos: Henrique Oda. Duration: 50 minutes

Age Rating: 16 years. Tickets: Ticket: R$ 20 and R$ 10 (half price). Till Nov. 15th.



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