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A CRIPTA DE POE ( 2015) 




A Cripta de Poe( 2015)
The Crypt of Poe is a "multimedia" play, inspired in the universe of the poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe. With a fragmented structure, the play makes a diving into the unknown of the human soul, featuring stories about neurotic characters and the dual of every man.

The Crypt of Poe
Inspired in the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe
Direction, playwright and stage lighting: Lenerson Polonini
Cast: Afonso Henrique Soares, Carina Casuscelli, Rosa Freitas, Rafael Schmitt, Claudia Wer e Gui Silveira.
Special participation in video: Paulo Cesar Peréio
Art direction, costume and makeup: Carina Casuscelli
Soundtrack: Wilson Sukorski
Videoscenary: Acauã Fonseca and Alexandre Ferraz
Image assistant: Henrique Oda
Photos: Carlos Irineu.


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